[PD] newbie growing pains...

jared microcosm11 at msn.com
Tue Feb 20 20:32:58 CET 2007

No offense, but IMO a beginner should first get comfortable with the
builtin objects. Setting up plain Pd should be easy.

	No offense taken.  You're definitely right, especially if we're
talking about someone who doesn't have any patching experience with
PD/Max.  Personally though, I've spent the last year with Max/MSP on a
master's course, so I'm not a complete beginner.  I was under the
assumption that PD and Max were very similar programs.  There are
obvious similarities, but the more time I spend with PD the more they
feel like different beasts.   I will definitely go back and start from
square one with PD.   

	Thanks so much for the advice, Frank.  Much appreciated!



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