[PD] is this a spectral gate?

Kevin McCoy km.takewithyou at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 11:13:18 CET 2007


OK I was able to look at this sooner than I expected (can't sleep!).
Thank you *so* much.  It makes perfect sense now!!  Even though I
don't understand their basis completely, those formulas for amp/phase
really help.  I can't wait to do some insane stuff, and of course I
will post my results to the list.

On a second note, I don't understand why basic FFT is thought of as
being "advanced".  I think other things are much more difficult to
understand!  Let's do as Kyle suggested and get this on the community
site somewhere maybe with some images of arrays to clarify?  Vasp was
such a help to me because I could look at the arrays after the calcs
were done.

Thanks again - I owe you a beer if we ever meet.


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