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IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Feb 21 20:06:44 CET 2007

David F. Place wrote:
> Alas, the bug is different.  If you open the properties window of the  
> table and adjust the y range to be from 1000 to 0.   You will get  

so for simplicity i suggest you add the attached patch to yours. this
should properly initialize your table-ranges.

> over that problem.  Then you'll be able to see that only half the  
> table entries are updated.  Also, the wrong values are in the slots  
> -- off by one.   Also, of course, you can just look at the list.  On  
> OS X, all of the table entries are updated as expected.

i cannot reproduce this.

- your x-bounds seem to be wrong: you have 12 values, with x-coordinates
0..11; therefore the x-bounds should be 0..11 too, instead of 0..12
(which will give you another "empty" slot; probably this is what you
mean by "not getting updated")

- what do you mean by "off by one"? the index "0" should be at the left
edge of the table.

- both the list and the table get updated correctly.

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