[PD] a couple of questions

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Feb 22 10:18:55 CET 2007


jared wrote:
> Hello all,

> I've just downloaded fluid~pd_darwin .rar file.  It contains two files:
> fluid~help.pd and fluid~.pd_darwin.
> What kind of file is the .pd Darwin?  Where should I put it?

it is a dynamically linked library for os-x (the kernel of os-x is
called "darwin")

> What about the fluid help file?  Do I put it here?--> pd\doc\5.reference

according to your syntax of file-paths i assume that you are on windows.
it would be nice if you could make this explicit.
you will not be able to use a darwin binary on windows, you will need
the windows binary. it should be named <something>.dll (at least on
pd<=0.40; i have _no_ idea which pd version you are running)

once you have the correct binary, put both the binary (or abstraction)
and the help-file into a path where pd will find it.

one _standard_ path for this is the extra/ folder.
but you can put it whereever you like as long as you add this path to
your private search paths in the File->Path... menu.

> I'm not sure where to put the help files because there is the reference
> folder but there are also many help files in the extra folder as well.
> What is the difference?

the reference section is for pd "internals"; the "extra" section is for
objects that are not compiled into pd (e.g. 3rd party modules).
you might find help-patches for externals in the reference section, but
this is only for legacy reasons (there was a time, when pd would find
help-patches only in the reference folder)


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