[PD] a couple of questions

Steffen stffn at dibidut.dk
Thu Feb 22 10:39:08 CET 2007

On 22/02/2007, at 7.02, jared wrote:

> What kind of file is the .pd Darwin?  Where should I put it?

It's the external file for darwin - ie. mac os x. I take it your on a  
windows system, so you have little use for it. Instead you need  
something like a file called fluid~.dll

The external files need to be in a place where Pd can find them. If  
you put them in the extra folder Pd will find them. But you can put  
them anywhere and make Pd look for it there by changing the path  
dialog accordingly.

> What about the fluid help file?  Do I put it here?--> pd\doc 
> \5.reference
> I'm not sure where to put the help files because there is the  
> reference
> folder but there are also many help files in the extra folder as well.
> What is the difference?

If you put it in 5.reference folder you can get to it from the help  
browser. If you put it in the extra folder (that is next to the  
external file) you can open it by right-clicking an [fluid~] object  
and choose 'help'. So puting it in both places would maybe give the  
best enduser experience. Other then that, there is something as a  
helpfilepath that can be set.

There is some info here: http://puredata.info/docs/developer/Libdir

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