[PD] [Gem]: [pix_texture] doesn't work

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Feb 22 11:13:21 CET 2007

Roman Haefeli wrote:
> hi IOhannes
> thank you for the fast reply. in the meantime i tried the binary from
> Pd-0.39.2-extended-test7-ubuntu-dapper-i386 and: it worked well.

which version of Gem is this?

>> use "./configure --with-glversion=1.5"
>> or - even better - get drivers that provide header-files which match.
> hm... how can i make sure, that i have the correct headerfiles? as far
> as i can tell i didn't install new headerfiles manually. the fact, that
> the the binary from hcs' pd-extended works, makes me think, that the
> problem is specific to my system (wrong headers?). what do i need to do
> in order to make sure, that i the ./configure of gem looks at the
> correct headers, respectively that i only have the correct headers
> installed?

the problem is, that your packageing system installs headers which
conform to openGL-2.0 but your driver (this is: the binary library) doesn't.
this is a known issue with ati-drivers, but it appeared to happen with
mesaGL too in recent versions.
i am not sure whether this could be considered really a bug on the
driver (header) side, but i tend to think so.

i could of course create tests during the configure process that test
for each and every openGL function used by Gem whether it is really
supported by the driver. but this is like writing the headers yourself,
and i don't see a reason to do that (why are headers provided?)

i don't know of any other way to test these things at (configure or)
compile time, therefore i leave it to the user to decide.
(it is not that i haven't tried to find a generic way to check; but i
haven't found any working solution, so i did the configure-flag; thanks
to ico for the trigger)

some my advice is:
if you experience problems with unresolved openGL-symbols, try to lower
the maximum openGL-version manually via the "--with-glversion" argument
until Gem runs.

on the long run Gem will switch to glew (this has been around for years)
which might fix these problems.

> with my own compile i didn't try everything, but i tried some of the
> help-patches and i had troubles with [pix_texture] (resp. any file that
> contains [pix_texture] like pid_image.pd, pix_video.pd and pix_film.pd

so this means, that trivia like the red-square example did work?


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