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Lots of Pd again this year. See you in Berlin

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Subject: [linux-audio-dev] Linux Audio Conference 2007 - program online!

Dear all,

thanks to many submissions from yourselves, we have been able to create an 
extensive program for the Linux Audio Conference in Berlin in March, 
featuring many paper presentations, tutorials, workshops and demos, and not 
to forget concerts on each night of the conference. 

(btw, if you still have some linux-made songs you would like to send in for 
the Radio music, feel free to do so; there are no restrictions on genre 
there, and we especially created that category to give a place for linux-made 

Below is the press release.

Hope to see you all in Berlin!


The 5th Linux Audio Conference is taking place in Berlin (Germany) in 2007. 
The TU-Berlin is hosting the conference in cooperation with people of the 
Humboldt University Berlin, the Berliner Künstlerprogramm of the DAAD, the 
festival MaerzMusik, the Instituto Cervantes Berlin and the Tesla Berlin.
The conference shows once per year important developments in the subject  
making music with Linux and open source tools. Invited is everyone who is 
interested in the possibilities of this platform. 
The LAC is offering a wide range of workshops, tutorials and hands on demos. 
There will be presentations on the subjects Computer Music, Music Production, 
Drivers and Sound Architectures and Audio Distributions. 
The LAC aims at bringing together developers and users of Linux and 
open source audio software with the goal of information sharing, project 
discussion and music. 
Each day of the conference there is a concert which features music composed 
and created with open source software. One of the highlights of the conference 
is the demonstration of a auditorium of the TU-Berlin, that has been equipped 
with a new spatialisation system (Wave Field Synthesis), driven by a 

The program of the conference is now online and (free) registration is 

Free admission to all events except to the concerts at the Tesla and the 
LAC2007 22.3. to 25.3.2007, TU-Berlin, www.lac.tu-berlin.de

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