[PD] a couple of questions

jared microcosm11 at msn.com
Thu Feb 22 20:10:59 CET 2007

Thanks for the help guys!  Makes sense now.  



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Steffen wrote:
> On 22/02/2007, at 7.02, jared wrote:

> If you put it in 5.reference folder you can get to it from the help  
> browser. If you put it in the extra folder (that is next to the  
> external file) you can open it by right-clicking an [fluid~] object  
> and choose 'help'. So puting it in both places would maybe give the  
> best enduser experience. 

i would definitely NOT recommend putting the file in 2 places.
this will lead to inconsistencies over time and you will never know what
is going on. and nobody will be able to help you ;-(

btw, 'help''-clicking on [object] will open the help-patch in the
reference-folder too, so this is not the reason why you should put it
into ./extra

as for the help-browser not being able to browse extra/: this is imo a
bug in the help-browser and should be fixed there. please send petitions
to the upstream authors to fix it.


PS: i accidentally deleted this in my first answer: please always start
new threads if you start new threads. the mailing list's name is simple
enough and you can always put it into your addressbook if you don't care
remembering it. more information can be found at


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