[PD] Any way to convert numeric symbols to floats?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Feb 23 20:05:21 CET 2007

Luke Iannini (pd) hat gesagt: // Luke Iannini (pd) wrote:

> I know this probably falls into the category of string discussion, but
> I'm interested if there are any solutions to this currently
> employable:
> I have a symbol that I'm splitting up in order to extract numerical
> content from the text.  I'm using zexy's s2l for this, then routing
> the float data back into l2s to assemble a value.  But l2s only spits
> out a symbol, and I can't seem to find any object to reinterpret the
> symbol as a float.

[atoi] from zexy converts symbols to integer numbers. With [div] and
[- ] you can handle floats a bit as well. 

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