[PD] msgfile strangeness

Tim Boykett tim at timesup.org
Fri Feb 23 20:32:31 CET 2007


   I am using msgfile to get a dataset and some parameters into PD
from another application. I understood that all I needed was

file1.jpg 1 2 3;
file2.jpg 3 4 2;
file3.jpg 1 1 1;

in a file, read it with read file.dat and I would have three entries
in the msgfile. It seems that I need to add an extra line with a  
at the start, then it reads in properly. But it gets munged when I save
it again.

Has anyone had similar experiences? I have tried using the cr  
argument, and
it doesn't work at all, which makes me fear that there is a problem  
because I am on OSX
and there might be some strange LF / CR difference.

I would appreciate any help! This is a bit frustrating...



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