[PD] dyn~ crash

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Sun Feb 25 23:09:06 CET 2007

Am 25.02.2007 um 23:04 schrieb marius schebella:

> there are no larger abstractions, and they will all fade in and out  
> softly, and there will be a feedback to the cpu time of the  
> machine, that hopefully will slow down the process of creating new  
> objects until enough of them have died again.
> thanks anyway!

Fading in and out will only help if there's only one object at a time.
The point is that creating or destroying PD objects or abstractions  
cause the DSP chain to be reconstructed, which can cause clicks for  
the whole DSP output, not just for the one abstraction loaded. The  
larger the abstraction, the longer the loading will take.


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