[PD] pd39.2 test 7 - text objects ++

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Feb 27 14:22:37 CET 2007

timon wrote:
> Ive got
> cyclone
> zexy
> list-abs
> mapping
> iemlib
> hid
> activated.
> Same libs activated in the latest release
> but the below objects are now broken.
>>>>> Alternate - broken
>>>>> line3 - broken
>>>>> randomF - broken
>>>>> invert - broken

this _might_ relate to markEx (even though the markEx objects are called
[alternate] and [tripleLine]).

obviously markEx is not loaded, so this might be your problem (markEx
used to be part of Gem in the golden days, but is no longer)

>>>>> remote - broken
>>>>> ascseq - broken

at least these objects are not in Gem/markEx, zexy, list-abs and iemlib.

>>>> Which libs?  I don't know the story on any of these.

if you still have your old pd-extended version lying around (the one
where these objects do work), you could start that one and open the
help-patches for the borken objects.
both the content of the help-patches and the full path of these might
reveal which libraries they belong to.


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