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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Fri Mar 2 02:48:01 CET 2007

On Feb 14, 2007, at 10:17 AM, Frank Barknecht wrote:

> Hallo,
> Roman Haefeli hat gesagt: // Roman Haefeli wrote:
>> the state  saving is more a side effect, since the main goal was to
>> provide a system, that makes sure, that all patches have the same  
>> state,
>> no matter when a user joins a running session. since that was
>> implemented, it was very easy to use the same system to write states
>> into files and store them again.
> Yep, that's what a state saving system should have in mind anyways:
> state saving should not be tied to files alone, it should also allow
> saving "to the net" or to CVS etc. I think, this is done very nicely
> in netpd.
>> the netpd-framework only provides
>> functionality to save states of single patches. if you want to  
>> save the
>> state of all opened patches, you would need to write your own
>> preset-manager (which is not that difficult and there are already
>> examples).
>> anyway, the netpd-state saving system is made for netpd and does only
>> work for netpd.
> Really? I didn't have a deep look at it yet but I was under the
> impression that the actual state collectors are very similar
> to sssad and thus should be easy to make just as flexible in regard to
> "frameworks".
> One thing that is on my TODO list for [sssad]  is local saving, that
> is, reading and writing only the state of the current $0-namespace.
> There already is quite a clear image of how to implement this in my
> mind, I'll just need to sit down and patch and test it.

How about a wiki page?  puredata.org/docs/ seems like a good place  
for the page.


> Ciao
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