[PD] Packing pointers into lists

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Mar 2 19:10:59 CET 2007

pierre cage hat gesagt: // pierre cage wrote:

> See attached abstractions for a desperate (but working) way to store
> and recall lists of pointers ... Nevertheless, making this possible in
> a standard manner would be far more convincing ...

I made some changes to your patches, mostly cosmetic (aligning patch
cords etc.), but one change is a bit more intrusive: I like to start
counting at 0, because that makes modulo-counting a bit easier, so I
changed the patches to start that way. I also reduced the number of
send/receive names used, added a little functional example to the
help-patch and removed the loadbang-clearing in add-tag-pointer.pd,
because I'd rather do this by hand, and "next" now takes off where the
last index number was sent.

Anyway, this is very useful for my current project....

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