[PD] pyext on OSX (marius schebella)

christian woerner krist_bombay at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 3 17:31:10 CET 2007

for me your python-function worked without complaining,

maybe you are using the (somewhat reduced) python version which ships with 

if so, you could consider getting a "full" python distribution.
for ex. the prebuilt binaries from pythonmac at:


>I am trying python for the first time on osx and somehow I have problems
>loading some libraries (for example urllib). maybe my script is wrong,
>but I cannot test it, because pd crashes when I import urllib.
>import sys,urllib
>print "Script initialized"
>	print "Script arguments: ",sys.argv
>	print
>def printpage(arg):
>	import urllib
>	f = urllib.urlopen(arg)
>	# Read from the object, storing the page's contents in 's'.
>	s = f.read()
>	f.close()
>	print (s)

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