[PD] Google Summer of Code WIKI

Georg Holzmann grhPD at gmx.at
Sun Mar 4 11:49:11 CET 2007

Hallo Kyle!

Please describe this, as you just did, again in the WIKI.
I already added a little bit of technical describtion (as described by 
Tim) !


> There already is a jack VST and Audio Unit for OSX, that's not the
> issue. What I really want is to just be able to run one master app (my
> DAW) and have everything else loaded from there, so that I don't have
> to do the whole 30 mins of configuring and opening corresponding files
> and settings, stored in directories across the computer thing.
> It's a pain to have to adjust and load setting after setting when it
> could all be saved in a nice project file in a professional sequencer
> app. For those of us who like what Pd has to offer as a bus insert or
> midi filter or general audio swiss army knife, we don't want to deal
> with multiples of files all over the place in different spots, we just
> want to have a nice compact project space that contains everything in
> an intuitive way, so we can just touch and go, and save everything so
> that we can open the project back up again exactly how we left it, all
> automation and everything stored in the project.
> Managing automation in Pd has not been a quick and dirty thing for me,
> and I'd prefer to leave that task to software that I'm comfortable
> with. But to have a custom synth or effect or midi chain filter or
> integrated graphics show work seamlessly from my DAW once I load one
> single project file is the holy grail to me.
> Having 5 programs open and trying to wrangle the routing between them
> for a half hour to get a song playing is less than ideal. A Pluggo for
> Pd would help minimize the time and frustration of this by compressing
> it all into one file that references a bank of subordinate plugins.
> ~Kyle

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