[PD] Memento global and local saving?

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Sun Mar 4 15:10:47 CET 2007

Hi Frank,
thanks for the implicit bug report.
I think that svxdir/ldxdir also work for you, but there's a small badly 
documented thing:
If absdir=1, absolute folder paths are written into the XML files, which 
make it impossible to correctly re-import the files with ldxdir, which 
only loads the first level. ldxrec would load more levels.
On the other hand, with absdir=0 svxdir stores relative folders.

Please find the attached example which should clarify things.

best greetings,

> Acutally that is what the "svxdir/ldxdir file.xml" methods of
> [originator] were supposed to handle. The approach was to have it work
> like in attached example patches. For debugging purposes the commands
> sent to the internal [pool] are still printed into the console.
> However it doesn't work. :( Probably I'm misunderstanding how the
> pool-methods svxdir/ldxdir are supposed to work. According to the
> pool-help.pd they should save and load the contents of the current
> directory. However what they actually do save and load is a full tree,
> including the toplevel name. Until pool gets a method (or until I find
> the existing method of pool) that really only saves the content of a
> directory and nothing else I'm afraid there's no way to easily save
> and load local states. (You could of course build your own
> local-saver...)
> Ciao

Thomas Grill

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