[PD] PD vista compatability

Geert Bleyen geert.bleyen at student.uhasselt.be
Tue Mar 6 08:40:41 CET 2007

That isn't really an answer to my question. I'm actually quite happy with  
vista64 and would hate to make a dual boot just for PD. PD is the first  
problem i've encountered with it.
So please, can you keep your answer sensible and meaningfull in the  
future, thanks.


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> It's a trap! Get out of there Geert!
> On Mon, 05 Mar 2007 22:58:01 +0100
> "Geert Bleyen" <geert.bleyen at student.uhasselt.be> wrote:
>> Has anyone else had any experience with using PD on Vista64? I've tried  
>> it
>> running on a vista 64bit machine and must say that it doesnt really work
>> very well. The sound is totally screwed, a simple sinus synthesizer  
>> gives
>> me weird sound anomalies (pulsating sounds). Using the same files in XP
>> gives me no problems whatsoever. I presume that is caused by
>> incompatibilities with either (or both) the 64bit of the vista OS. So  
>> are
>> there any plans to release a vista64 release of PD?
>> My machine is a Intel core2Duo T5500, 2Gb memory, ATI X1400 mobile and a
>> 'Realtek High Definition Audio' soundcard.
>> Kind regards,
>>    Geert
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