[PD] PeRcolate?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Mar 6 10:06:38 CET 2007

Georg Holzmann hat gesagt: // Georg Holzmann wrote:

> Okay, I have the source now ...
> But I can't see license problems (but I am not really familiar with such 
> topics).
> The README says:
> -----8<--------------8<-------
> License Agreement
> The Software is provided by Dan Trueman, R. Luke DuBois and the Computer 
> Music Center, Columbia University (hereinafter referred to as the 
> "AUTHOR"), free of charge and may be distributed free of charge, 
> provided that this documentation is included unchanged with the 
> software. You may not sell the software, nor may you take a fee or 
> commission for providing the software to another person, nor may you 
> include the software with or as part of other software that is sold for 
> a fee without prior written permission from the Author.  Source code for 
> the software, if provided, can be re-used for educational or 
> non-commercial purposes provided the Author is credited both in the 
> product source and in the final product.  The source code for this 
> software may not be re-used for commercial purposes without negotiating 
> and obtaining a commercial licensing agreement from the Author.
> ----8<-------------8<---------
> So if there are no objections I will add it the CVS ...

"Objection!" (Phoenix Wright)

This license is non-open-source in that it does not allow any
commercial use. We must not have this in the CVS.

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