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I am also new to this list, so that I won't make many judgements about
what is "off" here. I intuit that asking for downloading tutorial files that
are learning materials for the main topic of the list, is not "off topic".
But again, I am neither a list veteran nor a list admin. Just one more
"Joe" around here.

Anyways, for the benefit of Jared and of others interested in downloading
the examples/tutorial/workshop from CVS, I am attaching a script,
which surely can be adjusted/improved in several ways. The script
is just what worked for me. It attempts to save some time in the
download process by not using a large parameter -l (directory depth),
which has a multiplicative impact on the time/space performance.
It is a very rough first-cut thing.

Only a couple of comments about the script. I ran this in FC5.

During my PhD research on usage of wget (it is about a PhD),
I found a couple of annoying bugs in the Fedora Core 5 version
of wget (like the semantics of the -nc parameter buggily changed
by RedHat: the program stops/"Abort"/bails out when given -nc
and it finds an already downloaded file - not the wget intended
semantics, and some strange behaviour of the -X (exclude)
parameter). So basically, in Fedora Core 5 the download can
not be resumed, it needs to be restarted from scratch. Not much
to complain here as Fedora is a beta version of a product, not
a final product.

The above is bad news: this download takes about 5+ hours on
a DSL line at 500Mbps:
The total data transmitted is about 500MB (that's right: 1/2 GB).
That is because of the vast CVS web interface auto-generated
html material present that needs to be downloaded.  The script
keeps only the desired .pd and some other (.png, .txt, etc.) files.
The .html overhead files are not saved.

By far, this is a rather absurd way to download the examples,
but given that IOhannes suggests, then who am I to object it ...
It would be beneficial to have a simple tgz package that can
be downloaded in 40 seconds (the true size of the working
files is like 5MB (1% of the communication). This package could
be updated once-a-month, say, and posted for easy download.
I can prepare such if that is deemed appropriate by the bosses.

The short answer to your problem, Jared, is that wget honors
the "robots.txt" file already mentioned in this thread. To get this
download to work, you need to use the -erobots=off parameter.
The rest of the params are "fine tuned" details. Look at the
man page for details.

All that said, hope that the script is of help to Jared and


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>Okay.  You've successfully scared me away.  I don't feel the need to
>justify myself or my confusion.
>Someone obviously realizes that they are being rude if they feel the
>need to say 'I hope I do not sound too rude'.
>Leaving the computer screen every once in a while is a good thing.  It
>helps you communicate better with humans.
>My apologies to those on the list for any inconveniences that I might
>have caused with continuing this thread in the main list instead of the
>off topic list.
>Good luck.
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>jared wrote:
> >
> >
> >>Seems like it worked and you already have the files.
> >
> >>Have a look in your current working directory.
> >
> >
> >
> >       Okay, I checked my working directory.  The only thing it seems
> > be    downloading is the index page...not files within--in my working
> >      directory, I only have an explorer link to the index page
>your problem is _exactly_ described in the wget faq, of which i posted a
>link several days ago.
>please see http://www.gnu.org/software/wget/faq.html#3.0
>(to be honest, i anticipated this problem; that is why i directed you to
>the faq)
>furthermore, if you do have problems with any software that is unrelated
>to pd (e.g. proper inline quotes in emails) and you really want to ask
>people here, then i suggest to use pd-ot, a mailing list dedicated to
>off topic stuff.
>(and yes, you should have been informed that such list exists, either
>via the mail response when subscribing to pd-list or via the
>webinterface where you did subscribe)
>that said, i hope i do not sound too rude and wish you good luck (sic!).
> >
> >
> >
> >>Please could you post the exact command line given
> >
> >>and we can see any possible errors.
> >
> >
> >
> >       See attached tif file.  Thanks guys!
> >
> >       jared
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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