[PD] hot do you get a comma into a symbol?

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Mar 8 11:21:41 CET 2007

Rich E wrote:
> I messed around with iem's amixer and hdspm_mixer ( had to change it a
> little to allow the hdsp) a while back, but there is alot more

the hdspm_mixer was written with the hdsp-madi card in mind, and not
with normal hdsp cards, so it is likely that it did not work out of the box.

however, it would be great if you could share your code so it can be
included in the hdspm_mixer code and everybody can profit from it.

additionally i'd like to know which functionality is missing in the
amixer object, as i would like to improve it to make it more usable.
probably file a feature request at sourceforge.net (because else, i will
probably forget about it...)

> functionality in the terminal versions, so it is nice to be able to
> write scripts for them within pd.

yes of course; and the world does not end at amixer and it is likely
that the problem with commas will re-appear at another application where
there happens to be no external available.

> As for the HDSP, I'm about to throw mine against a wall.  After months
> of fiddling, I can get 4 channels of 88.2k audio in and out ( but not 8
> channels of 44.1k... which boggles me.  I get constant dropouts with the
> ALSA driver), but even that is at a 30ms latency cost.   Frank, what

weird, here i do not remember having much problems with these cards.


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