[PD] GEM fullscreen on OS X primary screen

Sciss contact at sciss.de
Fri Mar 9 00:13:01 CET 2007

thanks chris + max!

would be useful to add this info to the gemwin help file.

by the way i just had to hard-kill the computer because neither cmd 
+tab nor expose worked to get back from fullscreen (i have mouse- 
expose disabled and pressing the f-keys doesn't seem to work) ;-)

off topic, gem help files don't show up for some objects because  
"Darwin" is added to the name. like i have [pix_film] and ctrl+click  
and select "help", i get "sorry, couldn't find help patch for "Gem/ 
pix_filmDarwin.pd", and a few other objects. i can get them from the  
help browser though.

ciao, -sciss-

Am 08.03.2007 um 23:03 schrieb chris clepper:

> menubar 0/1/-1
> On 3/8/07, Sciss <contact at sciss.de> wrote: hi,
> i have the following problem : i'm running an installation with video
> projection from a mac mini. i can't get the menu bar disappear with
> GEM window in fullscreen mode. the mac mini doesn't have a second
> graphics card output so i have to use the main screen which normally
> has the mac os menubar. i can hide the dock and using [cursor 0( i
> can hide the mouse cursor, but even with [fullscreen 0(, the menu bar
> doesn't go away.
> thanks for help! ciao, -sciss-
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