[PD] pix_movie not responding to "auto" immediately after opening movie file

Sciss contact at sciss.de
Fri Mar 9 13:43:17 CET 2007


i'm having a problem with the [open( and [auto( messages for  
[pix_film] : i have an abstraction (see attachment) that responds to  
a [read <movieName( in the right inlet by setting [auto 0(, then  
calling [open(. if i send a successive [start( in the right inlet,  
[auto 1( will be sent. i need to insert a stupid delay because  
otherwise the [auto 1( is swallowed. that delay is only safe in the  
order of some 100 milliseconds. i want this patch to be clean without  
any experimental delayed messages. is there a way to determine when  
pix_film is done with initializing the movie and when it will be  
ready to accept the auto message?

thanks for help! ciao, -sciss-

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