[PD] external viewers for additional file types ?

Pete Redest postal759 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 12 06:51:16 CET 2007

Browsing with the browser through the docs and examples, I run into
a PDF file that  that I generated from the tex source in 
(I copied this under /usr/local/lib/pd/doc from a download). Naively I 
I will click on the PDF and it will open in a PDF viewer. That didn't 
Rather PD got stuck and I could only forcibly cancel it.

Is there a way to define external viewers for files, e.g. a list of the 
pdf    /usr/bin/acroread
text   /usr/bin/gvim
mov  /usr/bin/xine
txt     internal
[mM]akefile internal
TODO internal
Get the drift?. If there isn't such capability, can someone point for me
at the PD source that makes the decisions with what program to open
files (i.e. where it says if (!strcmp(suffix, ".pd") { open_with_pd(file) }
or whatever is that it says) and if that is ok with the maintainers,
I will incorporate this functionality and submit a patch for consideration.
I am far too new to PD to try to find this myself.


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