[PD] external viewers for additional file types ?

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Mar 13 09:09:29 CET 2007

Pete Redest wrote:
> Probably the easiest would be to launch an external script that
> incorporates the added "viewer" table lookup or something like
> that. Or add the table lookup right into u_main.tk. I don't know
> much Tcl/Tk so ... will see. Will get to it sometime soon.

hmm, probably the easiest way would be to not open unkwown files at all.
(i don't see a real necessity to open a pdf from within pd; i don't
think that it would be a very good idea to make pd just another

however, pd _should_ definitely check whether the file it wants to load
as a patch is really a patch, e.g. by reading the first few bytes.
if there is "#N canvas", then it is _rather_ save to open the file; if
it is something else ("%PDF-1.4") pd should just refuse.


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