[PD] Processing Video Data

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Mar 14 09:07:06 CET 2007

Raul Diaz wrote:
> Which external or library (GEM, PixelTango, ...) do you recommend me
> to process video?

PixelTango builds on top of Gem, so there is no realy difference here.
(i don't think that PixelTango comes with an abstraction for Gem that
does right out-of-the-box what you need)

chris clepper wrote:
> You need one value for each pixel row in an image?  That will probably
> require writing a custom external to do that.

not necessarily.
if you have plenty of cpu left, you could go for Gem's [pix_dump], which
dumps the entire image as a list into "pd-space". then you can do
whatever you want with it (e.g. use iemmatrix to calculate what you need).

another solution with Gem might be to use [pix_resize] with a width of 1
and then [pix_dump] the image "column".

other libs:
i am sure there are some simple resizing mechanisms in GridFlow. if you
need to do more complicated stuff on the data, GridFlow might be a good
choice anyhow, since you could stay in grid-space rather long and only
do the conversion into pd-space at the very end.

i don't know, but i am sure there are solutions here too.

so it really depends on what else you want to acchieve.
if it has to run on w32, then the solutions are limited.
(but i don't know)


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