[PD] Help - filters & band limited oscillators!

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Mar 14 10:59:38 CET 2007

David Powers hat gesagt: // David Powers wrote:

> Anyway, I'm giving a free (as in free beer) workshop in Chicago in
> about 16 hours, on the basics of digital synthesis. I have decided to
> use Pure Data to give my presentation, and use mostly non-commercial
> software.

Pd is commercial software. ;) 

> However, I'm still missing the following for demonstrating "proper"
> subtractive synthesis:
> 1. Good, out of the box "analog-sounding" filters. I'm using [moog~]
> right now, but I'm not all that satisfied with the sound compared to
> the filters in my favorite VST's ...
> 2. Band-limited square and sawtooth waveforms.

Attached is a bandlimited square, which was bandlimited using the
upsample, then filter approach described in The Book. 

Another approach would be additive synthesis, as illustrated here:
(There are two patches in that mail!)

Finally there are various externals, like blosc~ from creb.

For filters I would recommend using the IEM-filters as building

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