[PD] adding external-direcetories to paths

Thomas Jeppesen Jeppesen at skydebanen.net
Wed Mar 14 22:01:44 CET 2007

Thanks again Steffen, I think everything is a bit easier to grasp now, all 
though I'm having trouble making the ':'-trick work as expected. I've tried 
seperating paths with ';' instead, but when I load PD the next time each 
path has been assigned it's on path-line in the preferences. Maybe assigning 
a path in the object itself, as you propose, is my solution too.

Yes I was thinking about Labsalonen at LAB, at least it could become a place 
where people who are into PD can meet once a month, since whats going on at 
Labsalonen is what people themseles wants to do. But if there's enough 
interest for a dedicated PD-patching-group in Copenhagen I'm sure something 
can be arranged. Unfortunately I havn't got the time to arrange or manage 
such a group, but I could be the contact who can open the doors at LAB and 
make the room available from time to time.


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>> On 14/03/2007, at 5.55, Thomas Jeppesen wrote:
>>> Thanks for the feedback Steffen, any ideas why the reg-file in the
>>> windows installation doesn't do the trick, it is supposed to add
>>> all the libs from the extended version of PD?
>> I know next to nothing about win32.
>> But i think the basic reason why they don't all work out of the box
>> in Pd-extended, is that some are not loaded to avoid name clashing.
>> One way to go about it is to add them to the startup prefs, but
>> bearing in mind, that there might be name clashing. Another is to use
>> [import <lib>], this require of cause the import object which is not
>> in vanilla Pd . A third is to call objects as [<lib>/<objectname>]
>> fx. [cyclone/pow~ ]. I tend to prefer the later, as is reflect from
>> where the object comes and as such also helps my organize my code.
>>> Yup, thats right. I'm pretty sure that some patching is being done
>>> at LAB already - Actually I know it is ;)
>> Are you thinking about Labsalonen? I was there the first time, having
>> the opportunity to have a closer look at the abiunix system (that
>> uses devel 0.37), but apart from that there wasn't much Pd action.
>> Other then that Lab is, to my experience, fairly closed for day to
>> day use.
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