[PD] GOP and menu displacements [was: oldschool rave synths]

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Mar 14 20:29:09 CET 2007


Andy and me had a little off-list discussion, but this below may be
interesting to others as well.

padawan12 hat gesagt: // padawan12 wrote:

> A problem often comes when you activate GOP on a patch - to be honest
> I've never understood any reason to why it selects one particular
> place as the GOP center, is it just random? Anyway, this often requires
> moving objects up and left beyond the frame.

Actually as default Pd always puts the red rectangle to the same
position at coordinates x=100, y=100. The origin of this coordiante
system (x=0, y=0) is in the upper left corner of a patch normally, the
positive x-direction is to the right, the pos. y-direction is down(!)
from there. 

However if you move objects into the area with "negative" coordinates
left or above the patch's borders, Pd will still show them, but it
will move the origin (0, 0) to somewhere in the middle of the patch.
The red GOP rectange still is at (100, 100), but now it may seem to be
at a different position, because the origin (0, 0) doesn't match the
window-borders anymore. 

I suppose that Pd will try to create the Properties menu at a position
indicated by the object's coordinates, but it will reference a
different origin, that's why the menu seems is displaced.

Well, all this is very confusing, that's not moving stuff to the
negative area is quite important.

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