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Thu Mar 15 16:10:40 CET 2007

I started the project in 2005 when I met an incredible architectural acoustic in a concrete
cylinder sized of 15 meter high to 10 meter large. I started to sing inside with an incredible
reverberation of low sounds. The entrance of this cylinder (used to keep wine) was too small for
audience to come inside, so I imagined to keep in real time the sound and the images (video)
outside the cylinder, far away through Internet, in an appropriate cube-public-place with 6 video
screens and 3D sound projection. I found a team of 9 people to release this opera project, but it
was located near Toulouse (south of France) and in this part there is no grants for contemporary
art creation. Today TEST-AIMANT is in waiting to be released. 

The virtual clones orchestra, in my music works, stays as an obsession: there is several exemple
of, done and music in project: like 
in 2002 "Jeux & Interdits" (Forbidden Games) where" I cloned my 9-tone electric guitar in 4
independent clones. listen at http://centrebombe.org/mp3-free.html
in 2003 "ti.Me Has No Age" where I cloned my archisonic lamp (http://centrebombe.org/lamps.html)in
an orchestra of 161 clones you can listen at http://centrebombe.org/mp3-free.html
My next project is also about virtual orchestra of clones "Unisolable & Unduplicable, the recipe
of Freedom" http://centrebombe.org/2007.residency.proposal(the Lamplayer.vs.the.Machines).pdf

The schematic of VOX CLONA (in attachment) gives you a precise purpose of what I would like to
generate: one live voice (mine) generating an independant choir of 13 voices with its independent
contrepoint projected in 3D sound space. I should perhaps translated in English what I wrote in
Thanks for your interest
mathius shadow-sky

--- Luigi Rensinghoff <luigi.rensinghoff at freenet.de> wrote:

> Am 15.03.2007 um 14:21 schrieb the center of the bomb:
> > http://centrebombe.org/mp3-free.html
> That sound really interesting, i have been doing some multichannel  
> stuff with vbap......
> You want to tell me more ??
> you have an IM ??
> Luigi

the center of the bomb

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