[PD] oldschool rave synths

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Mar 16 07:55:49 CET 2007

shift8 hat gesagt: // shift8 wrote:

> > A personal favourite of mine then is F.R. Moore's "Elements of
> > Computer Music", but it doesn't fit your description. But I come back
> > to it again and again, while my CMT is collecting dust.
> ok, but i'm intrigued - i've almost always been a fan of your pd
> studies, and appreciate that often that's exactly what they are -
> illustrations of less then obvious techniques.  this book inspires that
> to some extent?

Not more than the others. But "Elements" is *the* classic textbook on
computer music, everything - Dodges/Jerse, Roads - else came
afterwards, and it's still one of the best written books in that area,
has tons of useful source code and it starts with explain the Fourier
Transform instead of putting it somewhere in the middle.

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