[PD] GEM - "too many open files"-error with [pix_multiimage]

Max Neupert abonnements at revolwear.com
Fri Mar 16 09:39:57 CET 2007

a really fast workaround would be to make a movie file out of your  
then just use [pix_film] instead of [pix_multiimage].
control [pix_film] by giving it the frame number to display.


Am 16.03.2007 um 02:44 schrieb orjo:

> i am currently working on a gem-project that uses a lot of images.
> the images are loaded and switched with [pix_multiimage] - and i  
> want to
> change the set of images a few times, so i load quite a lot of images
> into memory..
> and quite soon - after having loaded a few sets - all together about 2
> or 3 thousand pictures, the "too many open files" message occurs.
> is there some fix or workaround for gem on win32 yet ?
> my project is nearly done - so this is the only (and a quite serious)
> problem i got.
> would need something like a really fast fix or workaround ;)
> the bug should be already known, cause i found this old mailing list
> posting by someone that apparently had problems with the same bug:
> "[GEM-dev] fixed filehandle leak?
> *Mathieu Bouchard* matju at artengine.ca
> <mailto:gem-dev%40iem.at?Subject=%5BGEM-dev%5D%20fixed%20filehandle% 
> 20leak%3F&In-Reply-To=>
> /Mon Jun 13 23:04:02 CEST 2005/
> Here's a bug that causes a filehandle leak in GEM. Every time an image
> load is attempted via image2mem() (used by [pix_image],
> [pix_multiimage], etc.) then a series of decoders are called one after
> the other, quitting after the first that succeeds. If the file exists
> and is not of any type handled before the SGI handler and not of SGI
> type either, the SGI decoder does not close the file handle.
> This happened several times when loading a *lot* of TIFF images on
> Windows during a Pd/GEM workshop at Videographe, this afternoon. When
> too many files are "open", then PureData can't open any new patch and
> can't even save any modified patches!"
> any help appreciated.
> thanks,
> lorenz
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