[PD] bandlimited oscillators: set of abstractions

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Sun Mar 18 02:07:27 CET 2007

hello everyone

while this topic is coming up again from time to time, i made a little
set of abstractions, that generate bandlimited standard waveforms using
table look-up. they work at any samplingrate and the tables are created
dynamically. also, they switch to the raw waveforms for low frequencies
in order to keep the full spectrum of the waveform without the need to
create an enormous number of tables. as for now, there are three
waveforms available: saw, square (unofortunately no pwm possible) and
triangle. they shouldn't be much more expensive than the corresponding
non-bandlimited methods of generating the waveforms. when working in the
bandlimited range, they are even cheaper (if i am not totally mistaken;
in that range only a [phasor~] and a [tabosc4~] per voice are running

the set consists of:

blsaw~                generates a bandlimited saw
blsquare~             generates a bandlimited square
bltriangle~           generates a bandlimited triangle

blsaw_tables          generates n tables containing 1 to n harmonics of 
                      the saw-waveform
blsquare_tables       generates n tables containing 1 to (2n-1)
                      harmonics of the square-waveform
blsquare_triangle     generates n tables containing 1 to (2n-1)
                      harmonics of the triangle-waveform

see the help-files for a more detailed description.

download at:


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