[PD] Getting (not pure) data over the internet

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Thu Mar 22 20:30:07 CET 2007

Look at [shell], which can be used to call commands from the system and 
return their results.


Stuart Jones wrote:

> In need to get data from a wireless sensor network to control Pd 
> patches. The WSN feeds to a database on a server and I need to send 
> queries over the internet to the data server in the form http://ip 
> address/data/location/device/now (or when on a LAN: ip 
> address/data/.../.../now). How do I send the query out of the Pd patch, 
> and how do I get the resulting data back in? (The data comes in this 
> form: 2007-03-22 18:00:01,17,1,0, which timestamp, device ID, data). I 
> would automate the querying with [metro].
> [netsend] [comport] [netserver] don’t seem to apply.

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