[PD] Audio drops when using readsf~ with large sound files

david lemarechal d_lemarechal at yahoo.fr
Tue Mar 27 10:14:26 CEST 2007

Hi List,

I have to play simultaneously 8 large soundfile (about 30min at 44,1kHz/16bit, e.g. about 70 Mb each in wav format) on 8 different outputs. 

I use readsf~ on Windows but audio drops out at every disk access (when the Disk Acess LED of my laptop blinks), and of course this occurs very frequently... I can hear about one minute without drops, then it occurs at a fixed frequency (which I didn't calculate exactly).

I tried to load each files with a long delay, tried to defragment, nothing change. I tried to change the bloksize flag, and the arguments of readsf~, with no luck.

Is there another external designed to play large sound files, or will I have to cut my sound files into smaller ones and tabplay~ them with a soundfiler ?

Any suggestions are welcome !


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