[PD] ann - usage/example - question

info at davidemorelli.it info at davidemorelli.it
Wed Mar 28 20:38:20 CEST 2007

> Would you think - or did someone already try it - that it
> is possible   to recognize certain "musical" patterns or
> scales or phrases to   trigger a special output and with
> that change the preset.

ann cannot work at audio rate, it would be way too intensive
and you would miss the needed short-term-memory to recognize
musical figures.

you can use ann with FFT data and it should recognize
timbres and notes pretty well. with ann_td you can try to
make it recognize very simple, short and fast gestures but I
haven't tried anything like that yet.. you'll need a lot of
memory, maybe too much..

I used it with a webcam to recognize hand gestures or on
MIDI notes or chords.. never on FFT data or even on audio


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