[PD] messy graph on parent

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Fri Mar 30 08:02:44 CEST 2007

Hola Ruben!

which version of PD do you use?

The GoP thing changed between 0.38 and 0.39, and opening GoP patches 
made in 0.39 with 0.38 does exactly what you describe.


� wrote:
> hi 
> i�ve got a stupid problem with graph on parent.
> when i save a subpatch or i open someones else patch saved like graph on 
> parent , i find a big mess were all the sliders and bangs are 
> disorganized and all together so i can�t control the patch properlly.
> i guess might be a easy way to solve it but i have no idea.
> thanks a lot
> best
> r.

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