[PD] boids2d, boids3d -> fixed and commited to CVS

jasch jasch at kat.ch
Sat Mar 31 19:23:12 CEST 2007


i have fixed the files and just commited them to the CVS.



> Each boid has a velocity in 2 or 3 dimensions, so yes.
> I just compiled the 2d version on WinXP, compiler complained about  
> the line endings being Macintosh. I reformatted the file according  
> to the pd guidlines using Unix line endings and spaces for tabs and  
> c-style comments. I could commit my changes if nobody complains...I  
> don't see in the source code that the messages aren't working. It  
> may be the way they are implemented in the help file, they seem to  
> be prefixed with semicolons there?

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