[PD] Problem with [pix_video] : can not render ?

david lemarechal d_lemarechal at yahoo.fr
Sat Mar 31 20:56:59 CEST 2007


I want to use [pix_video] with a USB video capture device. But when I send [1( to [pix_video], pd says : 

GEM: Start rendering
pix_videoNEW: starting transfer
cap: name Pinnacle PCTV USB 2 type 3 channels 3 maxw 720 maxh 576 minw 48 minh 32
picture: brightness 32896 depth 21571 palette 8
channel 0 name Television type 1 flags 1
channel 1 name Composite1 type 2 flags 0
channel 2 name S-Video type 2 flags 0
setting to channel 1
closing video
pix_texture: not using client storage

and all that I can see is a white rectangle.
XTerm is saying : VIDIOCGMBUF: Invalid argument

When I stop rendering with [0(, pd crashes.

I'm on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS with Pd 0.39-2 / GEM 0.90. The USB video capture device is a Pinnacle PCTV  Analog USB2

I had no trouble for getting the box to work with the video4linux drivers. 
It works well with TVTime, I can watch me saying hello to my analog camera, but not with GEM.

I tried on Windows XP and have no problems with [pix_video]. 

Any ideas ?



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