[PD] I can't create Gem objects

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sat Mar 31 21:35:34 CEST 2007

Javier García wrote:
> IOhannes wrote:
>> a good start is to search for the missing files in your distro's package
>> repository to find out which packages you must install.
> Hi IOhannes,
> I dont understand..
> I think I just should install the packages i need for Gem, not all the
> packages, or not?

yes you are correct.

however, Gem has a lot of dependencies (that is the main reason why i
don't distribute linux binaries myself).

so: when you try to load Gem, pd tells you that it cannot do so, because
it cannot find a file (e.g. "libmpeg3.so.1").
this is because you are missing a certain library (e.g. libmpeg3)

it can be rather hairy to find out, which package you need to get a
certain file.
since i do not know which packages you have installed and (as important)
which packages are installed on the machine used to compile your binary
for Gem and i do not know all packages myself (on my debian system i
usually install ftgl-dev, libmagick++9-dev, libmpeg3-dev,
libquicktime-dev, libavifile-dev and probably some others; and that's
it; you won't need the -dev packages, but it should be ok to install the
non-dev versions), i cannot give you a complete list.

but i can try to show you a way:

- where to get the information:
-- you can ask for all missing files on the pd-list; eventually you will
get an answer, but it is rather slow (response times of hours)
-- you can search the information yourself; e.g. on
http://packages.ubuntu.com there is a search-field for "search the
contents of packages"; you just paste "libmpeg3.so.1" in this search
field and lo-and-behold it gives you "libs/libmpeg3-1"; so install that!
this should be far faster and efficient than asking the list.

- how to optimize the search:
-- you can do it incrementally (install libmpeg1 because libmpeg.so.0 is
missing; relaunch pd with Gem; notice that now libmpeg3.so.1 is missing;
install... and so forth)
-- you can do it in batch-mode: first find out which files Gem needs to
load; then install them
to find out which files Gem depends on, locate the relevant Gem.pd_linux
on your harddisk, and then run "ldd /path/to/your/Gem.pd_linux" (fix the
path!); you have to search the package for each file that is "not found"
and install it


PS: in Gem there should be a README that says which libraries are needed
for compilation; install these, that should cover most of the dependencies

PPS: it would be far cooler to really have a .deb file with the correct
dependencies; but somebody would have to do the work

PPPS: reply to the list; others might have the same problems like you
and will be thankful for the answers (in the archive)

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