[PD] plugin~ "bad screen distance" (again)

Jamie Bullock jamie at postlude.co.uk
Tue May 1 10:50:01 CEST 2007

Hi Cyrille,

On Mon, 2007-04-30 at 20:43 +0200, Cyrille.Damez at laposte.net wrote:
> Le Lundi 30 Avril 2007 16:37, Kevin McCoy a écrit :
> > Have you tried using Jamie's [dssi~] ; I haven't used it but it sounds like
> > it's good.  It works for ladspa and dssi plugins
> I didn't know that. I downloaded it and compiled it, but it crashes pd 
> everytime I try to launch it, be it with a ladspa plugin or a dssi plugin (I 
> tried with hexter).
> In the first case, the pd window closes instantly, whereas in the second it 
> stays open (but doesn't do anything if I try to launch something from the 
> menu) and the console tells me that pd segfaulted. I have to kill the plugin 
> process(es) to close the pd window.

Could you answer the following questions to help solve the problem.

- Do either of the above result in any output in the PD console? e.g.
'dssi: DSSI/LADSPA host -version 0.96'?
- If so which version of dssi~ do you have?
- Could you give me the output of the following commands:
	uname -r
	pd -version
	gcc -v

- finally it would be very helpful if you could install gdb (if you
don't already have it), and do the following:
	gdb pd
	(then try to instantiate [dssi~] and cause a crash) then in gdb:
	(gdb) bt

And send me the results of the backtrace.



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