[PD] flatspace externals in ext39.2

simon wise simonxwise at hotmail.com
Thu May 3 06:19:18 CEST 2007

On 3 May 2007, at 5:44 AM, Kyle Klipowicz wrote:

> I solve this problem (on OS X) by keeping my personal paths in .pdrc.

which works well for me too.

I'd also love to see a .pdrc, (or a for example a 'local.plist')  
which was specific to the version of pd that I was opening, since I  
usually have at least 3 - an extended version, a vanilla version plus  
usually at least 1 version with a different Gem inside. It would be  
great for packages streamlined for different tasks as well.

This could happen in a few ways, for example:

1/ check for a file inside the package

eg  Pd.app/Contents/Resources/local.plist

2/ check for a .plist in the usual place, but with a name matching  
the name of the Pd.app package

eg if I have a package Pd-extended-autobuild.app then it would use ~/ 
Library/Preferences/org.puredata.Pd-extended-autobuild.plist instead  
of (or as well as??) ~/Library/Preferences/org.puredata.pd.plist

option 1 would be much cleaner in OSX

option 2 would allow for a very similar approach on each platform so  
may be better overall. It would also be consistent with the approach  
taken by vim, and several others, where behaviour depends on the name  
it is called with.


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