[PD] how to use a dollar argument

ugur guney ugurguney at gmail.com
Thu May 3 10:00:03 CEST 2007

# Hi,
# Becauseof its special usage, could it be a good idea to allow using $0 in
message boxes? Or is it a bad idea? :-)
# One needs often to use $0 in message boxes (but this gives an errr of
course) But it'll make an ambiguity between the $'s in object boxes and
message boxes.
-ugur guney-

> That is possible, because object dollars and message dollars are
> completely independent from each other.
> Oh, and don't forget this: $0 is something else again and there is no
> $0 in a message box.
> Ciao
> --
> Frank Barknecht                 _ ______footils.org_ __goto10.org__
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