[PD] steady counter

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Thu May 3 12:45:04 CEST 2007

Haven't looked at your patch, but I can tell you that you shouldn't rely 
on the graphical display of the bang objects to tell you if the counter 
works. Try messing with the "intrrpt" and "hold" values under the 
properties menu of the bang, these affect how long the bang is visible 
and how often it appears to be triggered. But not how often it actually 
sends the message bang...this is done whether you can see it visibly or not.

Hope that helps,

susi at timlin.de wrote:
> hi, 
> I want to create a steady counter for a sequencer that counts from 0-15 
> = 16 steps).
> it seems to be an easy thing, but I just cannot get it steady, it jumps between the steps and runs quite unevenly. especially the bang sometimes just stops between the steps. why?
> I am running Pd version 0.39.2-extended-RC1 under windows xp
> attached you can see my counter patch.
> any suggestions???

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