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Bryan Jurish moocow at ling.uni-potsdam.de
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moin David,

I just recently acquired an Edirol UA-25 with which I'm quite happy (2
channel analog|digital audio I/O, MIDI).  I've also heard good reports
of the Terratec Phase 26 (are you out there Frank?), but have no
experience with it myself.  In general, I'd advise you to avoid
M-Audio's USB audio devices under linux: I think the best that can be
said for these is that "some of them work some of the time": my M-Audio
Quattro is currently gathering dust in the closet ;-)  If you can afford
it, I think that the RME "Hammerfall" series is the Way To Go (note


On 2007-05-04 15:53:27, "David F. Place" <d at vidplace.com> appears to
have written:
> Hi, everyone.
> I hesitated to post this question, because it seems like such an  
> obvious FAQ.  I couldn't find the answer by searching around.
> My linux workstation has a crappy, noisy sound card.  I want to  
> replace it with a higher quality device. Preferably outside the box  
> to avoid interference.  I notice that several manufacturers offer  
> solutions, Creative, M-Audio, etc.   Is any preferred by Pders?   
> Please discuss.
> I have a digidesign M-Box that I use with pro-tools on my mac.  Of  
> course, it won't work with linux or, for that matter, with most  
> versions of Pd on OSX.  I mention it to give an idea of the quality  
> level that I desire.
> Cheers, David
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