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Are other 'Edirol' devices also working nicely with ALSA ?


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moin David, moin list,

Nope, I had no problems at all with the UA-25: in "basic mode" (44k,
16bit, no MIDI), it works "out of the box".  In "Advance mode" (44|48k
duplex, 96k simplex, or anything involving MIDI) I've been using the
ALSA plugin layer (probably related to the fact that in this mode the
device uses 24 bit samples), and have had problems with OSS emulation
(these might have been just MIDI-related; I can check if it's critical
to you), but running pd with '-rt -alsa' or using jack works like a
charm.  Sound quality is quite good: the ua-25 makes the onboard chip
(intel i8x0) on my laptop sound like an RCA-Victor from ca. 1927;
subjectively, I'd say it's comparable to the ICE1712 pci card in my
desktop.  Also, I personally love having the mixer elements in hardware:
fewer windows cluttering up my workspace ;-)


ps - there's a very good howto for the ua-25 under linux using alsa on
the alsa wiki:


On 2007-05-04 16:57:49, "David F. Place" <d at vidplace.com> appears to
have written:
> Thanks, Bryan.  The Edirol UA-25 looks good and the price is right. 
> Did you have any trouble getting it to work under linux?  I noticed that
> the manufacturer only supplies drivers for Windows and Mac.
> On May 4, 2007, at 10:34 AM, Bryan Jurish wrote:
>> moin David,
>> I just recently acquired an Edirol UA-25 with which I'm quite happy (2
>> channel analog|digital audio I/O, MIDI).
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