[PD] sonification of large set of data

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri May 4 22:41:48 CEST 2007

punchik punchik hat gesagt: // punchik punchik wrote:

> hi , i want to sonificate txt file with big data
> sets... each txt file
> is made of 4 columns with numbers in this way :
> -0.0115967      0.00396729 0.0213623    0.440674
> -0.0115967      0.0115967       0.0234985      
> 0.462646


> i want able to read one row each time , using this 4 vales to
> control some synthesis parameter or whatever...

Ther are many ways to do this.

With "big data set" I assume you have really big files that won't fit
into memory, right?

Then maybe you could just read the file with some external program or
script and send each line to Pd using netsend/netreceive. 

If it's smaller files, you could just load the textfiles into four
tables and use four tabreads to access them. 

Or depending on the size, just load the files into [textfile] and use
them as usual: [rewind( the [textfile] and [bang( it over and over.

Or write a [struct] data structure with four float-fields, load the
data into data structures and access them with the [pointer]/[get ...]

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