[PD] Space Invaders 4D Game

Thomas Ouellet Fredericks tof at danslchamp.org
Sat May 5 02:49:13 CEST 2007

Hi, this was fun to play around with.

Your code could be greatly simplified if you used lists to trigger the
line objects (for example, sending the message 0,1 1000 will start
from 0 then ramp up to 1 in 1 second).

For fun, I added a laser sighter, explosions and a 5 point penalty for
every invader that makes it through (had to modify invader.pd and
enemytest.pd). Also, I adjusted the canon's position in relation to
the mouse and added a bit of fog.
Oh, the final modifications made changed the bullet's point of entry
and made the canon swell when it shoots.

Thanks for the fun! Attached my modified version.


On 5/4/07, Ben Roberts <ben at konador.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> We've been working on this pd patch as an idea for a game installation.
> Eventually the mouse input will be replaced by a motion tracker following
> the player whizzing around on a chair shooting up at a projection on the
> ceiling.
> We'd be interested at this point in hearing any feedback you have about the
> way the game plays. We are planning on adding multiple levels of increasing
> difficulty but at the moment there is just a constant stream of enemies with
> no end-game and no punishments for missing.
> Enjoy!
> reqs:
> pd
> 3D red/green glasses (optional)
> Speakers (optional)
> Here is a link to the zip file and a screenshot:
> http://www.puredata.info/Members/konador
> Readme.txt included
> Thanks!
> Ben & Sion
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