[PD] GEMgl-objects

Romain Vuillet vuillet at la-kitchen.fr
Sun May 6 00:19:47 CEST 2007

Hi all,

II try to use GEM with direct OpenGL instructions and i am  
desperately searching for some documentation or some examples patchs  
made with objets like GEMgl....

In addition, just to know... i don't have any problem with objects  
like GEMglVertex3f or GEMglColor3f to define ploygons
but when i want to apply textures, i try to use GEMglTexEnv,  
Pd's answer = ...could'nt create

Is it normal or do i have a specific bug ?

(i use Pd-0.40-2 in OS X 10.4.9 with a Gem.pd_darwin copy found in  
the Hans's Pd-extended 0.39... )


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