[PD] New to PD on Mac OSX-Output makes

Tuomas Brock Tuomas.Brock at uta.fi
Sun May 6 11:11:41 CEST 2007

Ive used pd before running windows but I cannot get it work on my  
powerbook G4.
  It runs its just that if i hook up an oscilator to a "dac~" and turn
the computer speakers on it spits out whatever freq i give it but it
also spits out these rythmic blips.  So it goes blip..blip..blip etc
etc etc.  More or less makes it useless.  Ive tried to go in and mess
with the audio inputs and outputs and stuff.  I get nothing.  Also  
when i go to test audio and put on the test tone the same blips sound.  
  Can you
help me out or direct me to someone who could?

New to PD on Mac OSX-Output makes


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